Impressions from Our Retreat
By Honorable Anne E. Lazarus

It was wonderful to participate in a meeting with several members of the Brandeis Law
Society. Some were executive board members of long standing (not OLD), some were
curious about the organization, some were young members and one was even a law student member. What emerged from the morning long session, in which we were sustained by bagels and lox, fruit, etc., was that membership is key and young members, particularly those from area law schools, need to make the Louis D. Brandeis Law Society a habit.

From membership everything else will fall into place. It was particularly gratifying to see our youngest members get so enthusiastically involved, to hear them speak of mentoring,
collaborating with other organizations, networking, using Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
Ably led by Fredy-Jo Grafman, our wonderful facilitator, we envisioned what the “ideal”
Brandeis Law Society would look like five years from now. We prioritized what steps we
needed to take to enhance the value of membership so that we have a more marketable
product. We spoke about the need for additional funding sources and value added
programming which would not only get our brand further into the community but also raise our perception in the community.

It was, in addition, an opportunity to meet with other members of the Society who want to see it succeed in the future. It was a rewarding experience for me as I know it was for others as well.

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